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Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is situated in central Uganda’s Nakasongola area, which is accessible from Kampala, the country’s capital, through the Gulu highway, at a distance of roughly 164 km. There are over than 32 rhinos known to live in this area, which is the only spot in Uganda where visitors can observe them in the wild.

It was founded in 2005 with the primary goal of creating a sustainable rhino population and relocating rhinos to their current residents in Uganda, which has well-protected regions. To increase the number of rhinos in the nation, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary put a lot of effort into their efforts. Private, non-profit Ziwa Ranchers administer the Ziwa rhino sanctuary and the Rhino Fund Uganda in collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Due to the protracted civil wars and rhino encroachment that occurred in 1982, the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is located on a plot of land that is 70 square kilometres, and it is surrounded by a 2 metre electric fence to reduce the ongoing series of poaching activities and protect the sanctuary from predators. 300 different bird species, 40 different animal species, and reptiles including hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, and monkeys all call this sanctuary home. Approximately 78 park rangers and security officers work in the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary to keep a constant eye on the rhinos.

Ziwa Rhino Trekking Safari Experience.

There is no other site to watch rhinos in Uganda, according to tourists taking part in rhino trekking safari. Four rhinos were relocated from Solio Ranch in Kenya, and two were transported from Disney Animal Kingdom in the United States in Florida, when the sanctuary first started its conservation work with just six rhinos. Additionally, travelers can go on rhino trekking safaris in the nation and witness the 22 White Rhinos up close as they are grazing in the Savannah grasslands of the sanctuary.

The cost of a Ziwa Rhino trekking excursion in the Ziwa Sanctuary in Uganda is $50 for non-residents and $40 for East African citizens per person. The majority of tour companies, including Primates Holidays, typically combine a wildlife safari at Uganda’s northern Murchison Falls National Park with rhino trekking in Ziwa.

In the sanctuary, visitors can also combine rhino tracking safari with other activities including canoeing, hiking, and nature excursions as well as Shoebill trekking/shoebill sighting. A pair of hiking boots, an insect repellant for those who are allergic to bugs and mosquitoes, long trousers, sun cream, packed food or snacks in case one gets hungry and a bottle of mineral water to stay hydrated throughout the trip are all recommended in order for trekkers to enjoy the Rhino trekking safari experience comfortably.  Depending on where the rhinos are, this rhino tracking in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary will last an hour and a half.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary
Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Best time to go for Rhino Trekking Safari.

The optimal hours for travelers to undertake rhino trekking in the rhino sanctuary are from 8 to 10 in the morning and from 4 to 6 in the evening. However, this safari activity is accessible whenever visitors want to go rhino trekking in the sanctuary. Though tourists can go rhino trekking safari at whatever time of the month they choose to travel, it is ideal to go during the two dry seasons, from June to August and then December to February.

Where to stay while on a Ziwa Rhino Trekking Safari.


The Ziwa Rhino provides tourists with a range of accommodation options, including budget-friendly, mid-range, and luxurious options.  Amuka Lodge, which was constructed in the pristine Savannah Woodlands in the Sanctuary’s centre, Ziwa Rhino Lodge, Nkuruba Nature Reserve, and Zebi Eco Lodge are a few of the lodges that offer these amenities. Depending on the lodge they select and feel most at ease in, visitors can have a good night’s sleep. For instance, guests who choose the Luxury lodge facilities can take advantage of free WiFi, executive dining rooms, and a pool, among other amenities.  Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary also offers excellent Bandas and camping areas for guests looking for moderately priced and basic overnight options.

How to get to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda.

Murchison Falls, which is situated 125 km from the sanctuary, is easily accessible by vehicle in 2.5 hours from the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

The Gulu-Kampala Highway connects Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary with Kampala City, which is about 176 km away. From the Nakitoma commercial centre, which is located about 7.3 kilometres from the Sanctuary, tourists will depart for the Sanctuary. In order to proceed, travelers must take a 14-minute journey from the Nakitoma commercial centre.

Additionally, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is recognized as the only sanctuary in the nation where visitors can do rhino trekking safari. Visits to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and a wildlife tour of Murchison Falls National Park should be combined if visitors want to experience a full safari experience in Uganda with the big five.

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