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Honeymoon safaris in Uganda

Honeymoon safaris in Uganda : Uganda is one of the most romantic countries to visit when on a honeymoon safari there since it has so much to offer in the way of wonderful safari experiences and life-long memories. The endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, tree-climbing lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, waterbucks, Jackson’s hartebeest, Uganda kobs, oribi, warthogs, bushbucks, and a variety of bird species are just a few of the exotic animal species that may be found in Uganda. You can spend your romantic nights and savour delectable meals at various honeymoon lodges in various locations, including the Paraa Safari Lodge, Pakuba Safari Lodge, Elephant Plains Lodge, Elephant Hub Lodge, Buhoma Lodge, Buhoma Haven Lodge, Bird nest Lodge, Arcadia Cottages Lodge, Primate Safari Lodge, and Chimpanzee Forest Guest Lodge, among others. While on your honeymoon safari in Uganda, you can travel to a number of locations, including,

Honeymoon destinations in Uganda. 

Murchison falls national park.

The largest national park in Uganda is Murchison Falls National Park, which is situated in the country’s northwest. The big four of the big five mammals lions, leopards, elephants, and buffaloes as well as other animals like Jackson’s hartebeest, waterbucks, oribi, Uganda kobs, warthogs, bushbucks, primates like chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, olive baboons, and over 450 different species of birds are found in the national park.

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the best places to go on a honeymoon safari in Uganda because it has a variety of safari activities to offer, including game drives, boat rides through the Nile Delta or to the base of the falls, guided nature walks through the Rabongo or Kaniyo Pabidi forests, and drives to the top of the falls, where you can see the most powerful waterfall in the world and enjoy water splashes.  You can stay in luxurious lodges like Paraa Safari Lodge or Chobe Safari Lodge, as well as more affordable lodges like Bar Lyec Safari Lodge, Parkside Safari Lodge and Heritage Safari Lodge, while on your honeymoon safari in Murchison Falls National Park.

Queen Elizabeth national park.

Another place you might go on your Ugandan honeymoon safari is Queen Elizabeth National Park. The second-largest national park in Uganda is called Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is situated in the western section of the country in the districts of Kasese, Rukungiri, Kamwenge, and Rubirizi. The park is well-known for accommodating tree-climbing lions, which can be found in the park’s southern Ishasha area. Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to over 600 different species of birds, making it the best birding destination in Uganda. Other animals found there include elephants, buffalo, leopards, waterbucks, bushbucks, Uganda kobs, warthogs, hippos, and Nile crocodiles.

You can take part in interesting activities like game drives in the Kasenyi Plains and Ishasha Sector, boat cruises on the Kazinga Channel, which connects Lake Edward and Lake George, lion tracking experiences, nature walks in the Maramagambo Forest, Mweya Peninsula, and along the Ishasha River, chimpanzee trekking in the Kyambura Gorge, bird watching, and cultural experiences, among others, during your honeymoon safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Ishasha Jungle Lodge, Marafiki Safari Lodge, Mweya Safari Lodge, Kasenyi Safari Camp, Ishasha Wilderness Camp, Pumba Safari Cottages, Park View Safari Lodge, Enganzi Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp, Simba Safari Camp, Elephant Plains Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge, Elephant Hub Lodge, Lake Chib, and others are just a few of the many accommodation options available in Queen Elizabeth National Park for your honeymoon safari.

Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Located in the southwest of Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one of the places you should visit when on a honeymoon safari. Due to the fact that it is home to half of the mountain gorilla population worldwide, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the most popular gorilla safari destination in Uganda. During your honeymoon safari in Uganda, you can participate in a variety of safari activities at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, including the daring activity of gorilla trekking, where you can spend an hour with mountain gorillas, the gorilla habituation safari experience, where you can spend four hours with the critically endangered mountain gorillas, nature walks, a Batwa cultural tour, where you can converse with the extinct Batwa/pygmy tribe, bird watching, and more.

Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge, Four Gorillas Lodge, Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge, Wag Tail Safari Lodge, Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge, Trekkers Tavern Cottages, Ruhija Gorilla Mist Camp, Gift of Nature Lodge, Cuckoo land Tented Lodge, Chameleon Hill Lodge, Buhoma Lodge, and Bwindi Jungle View Lodge are just a few of the lodge options available to you during your honeymoon safari in Bwindi Impenetrable

Kibale forest national park.

Kibale Forest National Park is another place you should go while on your Ugandan honeymoon safari. Since it is home to 13 different primate species, including 1,500 chimpanzees, grey cheeked mangabey, black and white colobus monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, bush babies, and more, Kibale Forest National Park in western Uganda is also known as the “Primate Capital.”

During your honeymoon safari in Uganda, you can participate in exciting activities at Kibale Forest National Park, including chimpanzee trekking safari, where you can interact with chimpanzees up close, chimpanzee habituation, where you can spend four hours with chimpanzees, nature walks, and bird watching, among others. Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, Crater Safari Lodge, Chimps Nest Lodge, Ataco Country Resort, Isunga Lodge, Chimpanzee Forest Guest House, Kibale Forest Camp, Mountain of the Moon Hotel, Ndali Lodge, Kibale Guest Cottages, Papaya Lake Lodge, Kibale Safari Lodge, Kyaninga Lodge, Primate Safari Lodge, Chimpundu Lodge, and others are among the lodge options in Kibale Forest National Park to stay during your honeymoon safari in the park.

Honeymoon safaris in Uganda
Honeymoon safaris in Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi.

Another place you could go on your Ugandan honeymoon safari is Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Bunyonyi, commonly known as the “place of many little birds,” is situated in the Kabale area of southwest Uganda. The deepest lake in Uganda, and the second-deepest lake in East Africa after Lake Tanganyika. You can go boating or canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi and explore its 29 islands, go on community tours, go bird watching, go mountain biking, go zip lining, and other activities while on your honeymoon safari in Lake Bunyonyi.  While on your honeymoon safari in Uganda, you can stay at a variety of accommodations near Lake Bunyonyi, including Arcadia Cottages Lake Bunyonyi, Birdnest Lodge, Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort, Bunyonyi Overland Resort, and Bunyonyi Safari Resort, among others.

In addition to other romantic locations or honeymoon safari destinations in Uganda include Kidepo Valley National Park, Semuliki National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Lake Mburo national park, Jinja, and others. You can travel to national parks during your honeymoon either by road or air, using scheduled or private domestic flights operated by Bar Aviation or Aerolink Uganda Limited from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airfield to various airstrips in national parks. A reliable tour operator like Primate Holidays can arrange domestic flights to the national parks.

Best time to go for your honeymoon safaris in Uganda. 

Although you may go on a honeymoon safari in Uganda any time of the year, the dry season in the months of June, July, August, September, December, January, and February is the greatest. The vegetation will be thin during the dry season, making it easier to see animals clearly. Access roads, gorilla trekking, and hiking trails will also be dry and usable, in contrast to the wet/rainy season when the trails are muddy, slippery, and wet, making trekking challenging.