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Safari destinations in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Due to its incredible beauty, tourist attractions, and available activities, Congo safari sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are places that travelers should visit. Congo is a wild and enigmatic gem that has endured a stormy past yet has managed to rise above it all and continue. Travellers seeking a truly wilderness and rainforest experience choose Congo safaris. Most safaris in the Congo are intended for travelers looking for authentic experience.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, commonly referred to as Congo to distinguish it from Congo Brazzaville, is the second-largest African nation after Algeria and is situated in equatorial West Africa. Congo is a large country with a variety of fauna, a rainforest, glacial mountains, savannah, and culture. It is undoubtedly enough to keep an enthusiast for Africa occupied for a long time because it has so much to offer.

Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo is a high sided active stratovolcano at an elevation of 3,470m in the Virunga range, in Albertine region found Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Virunga National Park

On a Congo safari, Virunga National Park is a popular safari destination. Virunga National Park is renowned as a habitat for primates, mammals, reptiles, bird

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On a Congo safari tour, one can choose to explore any of the country’s many attractions. Ranging from the vibrant Kinshasa with its high-end hotels, restaurants and theatres, to the very wild parts of the country. A trip on a Congo safari tour is justified by the country’s enormous savannah plains, which are home to a variety of species including the unique okapi and more, as well as the jungles and foothills of the volcanic mountains that are home to gorillas, chimpanzees, and other primates. Top Congo safari locations that experience record numbers of visitors each year, some of which are largely unknown to or underappreciated by tourists, include the following;


Virunga National Park.


The top place for a Congo safari vacation is without a doubt Virunga National Park, which is ranked first on the list. Virunga National Park hosts part of the world population of the endangered mountain gorillas that are found only in the Virunga Conservation Area and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Visitors from all over the world travel to Congo to undertake gorilla trekking safari in Virunga National Park because of these endangered mountain gorillas. The safari experience is made even more remarkable by additional species, including forest elephants, warthogs, red-tailed monkeys, grey checked mangabeys, and black and white colobus monkeys.

Virunga National Park is a popular spot for Congo safaris since it is home to Mount Nyiragongo, an active stratovolcano with a sizable lava lake and boiling magma at its lip. Another activity that draws visitors from around the world to Virunga National Park is climbing Mount Nyiragongo to see the largest lava lake.


Mount Nyiragongo Volcano.


Virunga National Park is home to this incredible site. One of the most researched active volcanoes in Africa is the Nyiragongo Volcano. The mountain is a great place for scholars and scientists who want to learn more about the effects of active volcanoes on the environment. One of the few, if not the only, volcanoes where visitors are permitted to climb is Nyiragongo in order to observe a lake of bubbling lava. It is currently one of the most popular natural attractions in Congo due to its distinctive offerings. Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park is frequently combined with hiking Mount Nyiragongo. The volcano can be climbed and descended in two days by hikers. It is impossible to find a view like the one provided by the exploding magma anyplace else in the world. When you return home, people will respect and admire you greatly for taking pictures and movies so close to roiling magma.


Garamba National Park.


Garamba National Park is one of the continent of Africa’s oldest protected areas, having been established in 1938. It is situated along the South Sudan border in the northeastern region of Congo. It is a component of the sudano-guinean savanna zone, one of the planet’s most beautiful ecological regions. The majority of Africa’s notable mammals, including lions, antelopes, giraffes, elephants, hippos, hyenas, and over 286 bird species, may be found at Garamba National Park. This wonderful park has so much to offer visitors, but civil wars, poachers, and rebel groups operating in the park have hindered growth and tourism potential. Due to widespread poaching, it is designated as one of the global heritage sites under danger. To avert its deterioration, the African Parks Organisation and other international entities are making efforts and allocating funding.


Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Virunga National Park is not very far from Kahuzi Biega National Park. In contrast to the mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park, the endemic eastern lowland gorillas are found only in Kahuzi Biega National Park, a vast rainforest located close to the boundary between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. Travellers can look for gorillas in their native habitat by participating in the thrilling activity of eastern lowland gorilla trekking. Most travelers who trek eastern lowland gorillas also do gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park to give them an opportunity to differentiate the two gorilla taxa. Kahuzi Biega National Park also has Mount Kahuzi and Mount Biega from which the park derived its name, that travelers can hike thereby making their safari experiences all the more enjoyable.


Odzala-Kokoua National Park.


One of the best places for a safari in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Odzala-Kokoua National Park, which is well known for its abundance of forest elephants. The combination of savannah environment, rainforest, and rivers in Odzala-Kokoua National Park makes Congo safari excursions here even more memorable with activities like boat safaris and viewing wild game.


Tchegera Island.


Tchegera Island is a stunning U-shaped volcanic caldera island that is shared by the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda on the northern border of Lake Kivu. Though little known to travelers, Tchegera Island is one of the top Congo safari destinations that travelers on a Congo safari tour should visit so as to relax. After a strenuous gorilla trekking expedition in the Virunga National Park and a hike up Mount Nyiragongo, Tchegera Island is a fit

ting place to explore. Given that Tchegera Island is the ideal place for leisure, it is typically the final item on the programme for Congo safari travel packages. Tchegera Island is home to a wide range of fauna and flora, as well as interesting bird and butterfly species.

Only 15 to 20 minutes by boat will get you to Tchegera Island from Goma harbour. Tchegera Island is the ideal getaway for leisure and a honeymoon because it has a great selection of quality accommodations.


Salonga National Park.


Salonga National Park, formerly called as Tshuapa National Park, is situated halfway between Kinshasa and Kisangani. The park was created in 1956 because of its exceptional flora and because it is home to one of the world’s largest rain forests. One must traverse the Congo’s extensive rivers to get to the park. Leopards, African elephants, bonobos, and Congo peafowl are the main draws. Egrets, yellow-billed storks, forest owls, and a plethora of other bird species are among the others. Salonga has not been thoroughly explored, like many of the national parks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and there may yet be a lot we don’t know. The park is also included in the list of global heritage sites under risk of being destroyed as a result of ongoing encroachments, poaching, and other human activities.


Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary.


The Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary is one of Kinshasa’s most alluring safari destinations. Bonobos are endangered Congo Wildlife Tours pygmy chimpanzees that in the wild are only found in the DR Congo. Compared to their larger cousins, bonobos are relatively placid, yet they have endured enormous persecution and are targeted for meat hunting. The sanctuary, which protects infants left orphaned after adults are killed, covers an area of forest of roughly 30 hectares.  They are fed by the sanctuary’s staff and volunteers, who also guard them against being bought and sold as pets in black markets.


With so much that the Congo has to offer as a tourist destination, visiting on Congo safaris to encounter and experience some of the mentioned top Congo After a wild Africa safari experience, tourists should think about safari places and activities because Congo is a gem that has yet to be fully discovered. Make contact with a trustworthy and knowledgeable tour operator like Primate Holidays to assist you in planning incredible Congo safaris.