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Tsavo National Park Safari

Tsavo National Park Safari : Every visitor would want to experience the best wildlife viewing opportunities in Kenya on a safari at Tsavo National Park. Based on the African big five, an African safari offers once-in-a-lifetime animal experiences. The African big five are the most difficult species that both domestic and foreign hunters have encountered, despite their diminutive size. Tsavo National Park offers visitors an opportunity to view all five of the African big five animals: lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos. It is a comprehensive wildlife safari.

The journey takes you to Tsavo National Park, often known as the “land of the man-eaters” (lions), so dubbed by the railway contractor who constructed a railway line that runs through the centre of the park. They had to deal with a more difficult life during building, as most of the contractors were devoured by animals, particularly lions. From then on, Tsavo National Park grew in renown and became one of the most well-known national parks in the world, not just in Kenya. Later, after the railway and highway were built through the park, it was split in two. The Tsavo national park is comprised of up of Tsavo East national park and Tsavo west national park. The park is one of the earliest national parks in Kenya that was established in April 1948. Tsavo West was dubbed “the land of Man eaters,” while Tsavo East was dubbed “the theatre of Wildlife.”

The diverse vegetation cover that varies from the open savannah grassland to the rocky kopjes around the park, dominates the vast expanse of the Tsavo National Park. The diverse populations that surround the park have made significant contributions to the variety of wildlife that may be found there. The number of days needed to completely experience the fantastic Tsavo national park safari is directly impacted by the park’s huge size. It’s usually advised for a three- to five-day safari. In addition to the variety of wildlife present, the park is home to a great number of species, which enhances the enjoyment of visitors on their game drives. Game viewing is the primary activity of your safari in the Tsavo National Park. During your game drives in the park, you can take in as much wildlife seeing as you can. Both early in the morning and later in the evening are dedicated to game drives.

It is recommended that guests use open roof vehicles and stay inside the vehicle during your game viewing period. The animals allow you to approach them softly and up to a maximum distance that must be observed. Visitors who typically come for the Tsavo national park safari come mostly for wildlife viewing. Besides the African big five other animals found at the park include: Cheetahs, Gazelles, Kobs, Hyenas, Wildebeest, Giraffes, Zebras, Topis and many more.

Game viewing at Tsavo national park is excellent all over the year though the most preferred time is during the dry season of the year. Like all Kenyan national parks, the park has two distinct dry seasons: one longer than the other, lasting from June to October, and the other from December to February. Since the dry months are regarded as Kenya’s peak season, the parks are typically packed and the best Tsavo national lodges are usually filled up well in advance of the dry season.

Tsavo National Park Safari

Another popular vacation option for Tsavo National Park is a birding safari. Because of the park’s high bird species concentration, it is also renowned as a birding paradise. Situated amid a lively savannah, the park is secluded and home to a greater variety of plain birds in big numbers. It’s really simple to access and mark off the birds on your extensive list. The park is less popular because of its isolated location far from major cities, which has reduced its accessibility for many visitors. The park’s ecology has been more stable for a longer period of time due to the low number of visitors.  In contrast to wildlife viewing, there is an optimal time of year to go birding. Around the planet, breeding season birdwatching safari is at its best. The rainy season, which runs from March through May and then again in November, is when the birds reproduce. Around the world, more immigrants are arriving in Tsavo at this time of year to breed in the park.

 Birding safaris are always patient, slow, and sure; if you want to cross everything on the park’s lengthy list, you must provide enough time. More than 400 different bird species can be seen in the park, the majority of which are park permanent inhabitants. The following are just a few of the birds that may be found in Tsavo: Crowned cranes, Ostriches, Secretary birds, White-bellied go way bird, Herons, Egrets, Ostriches, Pamgani Long claw, Pelicans, Steel-blue Whydah, and many more. The highlights of the Kenyan safari experience for visitors are the birding safaris in the Tsavo National Park. The park is one of the best regions of Kenya for breeding because of its proximity to the coast. More European immigrants visit the park before leaving for their native countries because of the warm, rainy weather. Have an excellent packing list for your Tsavo National Park safari, including binoculars, a sun hat, sunglasses, eco-friendly clothing, and many other items. When birdwatching, you must choose reliable tour companies with knowledgeable birding guides. Birding safaris can be challenging since some colours terrify birds, causing them to fly away. This includes your own clothing code.

Tsavo national park safaris are mostly started from Mombasa or any party of the coastal areas. If you’re beginning from Nairobi in the middle region of Kenya, it will take you a few hours to drive to the coast. It’s also an excellent connecting safari to Amboseli national park. Amboseli national park is one of the premier national parks in Kenya which are very popular. The Tsavo national parks provide easy access to its southern gates. Optionally, the trip can begin in Nairobi, go to Amboseli National Park, and then continue on to Tsavo National Park.

A safari in Tsavo National Park essentially transports you to a wildlife theatre. You can complete this bundle at any time of the year. It’s also the ideal fusion of wildlife and seaside safari. With our Tsavo national park safari, you may fulfil your ambition of seeing the African big five during a visit to just one national park.

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