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Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East is the oldest national park on a Kenya safari, located in Taru Desert near Voi Town, borders Mkomazi Game Reserve and Chyulu Hills National Park. It is managed by Kenya Wildlife Services. Tsavo National Park, which includes two stunning national parks, including Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park, which encompasses 9,065 km2 of land and was also gazetted in 1948, contains the park, which was gazetted in 1948 and covers a land area of 13,747 km2. Tsavo West National Park has a lot of animals and is mostly mountainous but very humid. While the predominantly fatty and dry plains of Tsavo East National Park. Galana River, which flows through the park, was created when two other rivers, the Tsavo and the Athi, converged. Don’t forget about the River Voi, which also flows through the park. Savanna grasslands and semi-arid grasslands are also included in the park, which thrills with a variety of wildlife species that draw visitors all year long.

Attractions in Tsavo East national park. 


Several mammals that are encountered on Kenyan wildlife safaris call the park’s forest cover home. Some of the mammals of these mammals include; larger mammals such as big 5 game (Elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, and Lions), and other small mammals seen in Tsavo East national park which include elands, African wild dogs, gazelles, hippos, crocodiles, mongoose, Oryx, Zebras, porcupines, bush babies, squirrels, warthogs, duikers, foxes , dik dik, Vervet monkeys, hartebeest, otters and many more.


The park is the ideal place in Kenya for wildlife viewing and birding safari excursions because it is home to more than 500 kinds of birds, including African finfoot, Black kite, secretary birds, Golden pipit, Lesser kestrel, Martial eagle, Northern brownbul, Red-bellied parrot, Rufous chatter, sacred ibis, grey crowned crane, Somali bunting, Taita falcon and many others.

Other attractions in Tsavo East national park.

Arubu Dam, Yata Plateau, Mudanda Rock, and Lugard Falls are just a few of the other thrilling tourist  safari attractions in the park, which also thrills with animals as described below;

Yatta plateau.

One of the eye-catching tourist safari attractions in Tsavo East National Park is this lovely plateau. It was created as a result of Mount Ol Donyo’s eruption, which caused lava to flow into the park’s boundaries near to the River Athi, leaving behind shallow valleys and plains known as a plateau.

Lugard falls.

Captain Fredrick Lugard, who travelled through Tsavo East National Park on his route to Uganda, the pearl of Africa, gave the falls their name. Visitors to Lugard Falls are treated to a picturesque view of a pool that is located right at the base of a rock where crocodiles live. At the pool, you may also view other mammals like hippos, buffaloes, and many others. Rocks blocking the Galana River’s water movement caused rapids to form, which then led to the formation of the falls. The Galana River’s white water rapids near Lugard Falls are the best.

Mudanda rock.

Mudanda rock, one of the park’s water catchment regions that feeds the dams during the dry months, is adjacent to the Manyani entrance gate in Tsavo East and provides a clear view of wildlife, particularly elephants as they gather there to drink water.

Arubu dam.

Arubu Dam is a man-made structure that was built close to Voi entrance gate on Voi River in the year 1952. It is one of the best watering areas for several animal species, mainly mammals and birds during the dry season in Tsavo East.

Tsavo River.

This river travels through Tsavo East and Tsavo West national parks before joining the River Athi to form the River Galana, which continues into Tsavo East.

Galana River. 

After combining with River Athi and River Tsavo in the highlands of Kenya, River Galana runs through Tsavo East before emptying its water into the Indian Ocean. The wildlife in Tsavo East, where this river travels, receives its water from this river.

Kanderi swamp.

Throughout the year, various creatures in Tsavo East get their water from this marsh. Strategically, Kanderi marsh is placed close to Voi gate.

Top tourist safari activities to do in Tsavo East National Park. 

Game drive safaris in Tsavo East. 

Tsavo East national park offers a variety of game drives safaris, including day, afternoon, full day and even night game drives. Visitors can witness a variety of animals during the game drives, including zebras, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, impalas, and other mammals that are spotted looking for food, such as lions, while they graze in the park’s savanna while on a day game drive. However, those who choose a night game drive have the chance to view the majority of hunters as well as nocturnal creatures including hyenas, leopards, and other exotic cats.

Birding safaris in Tsavo East. 

The greatest approach to see many different bird species in Tsavo East National Park is by going on a birding excursion where you will have the opportunity to see a lot of birds as Tsavo East National Park is home to over 500 different bird species. Fischer’s starling, Martial eagle, Ostriches, Black kites, Red-bellied parrot, Secretary Birds, Somali bunting,  Kingfishers, and Marabou storks, Taita falcon are just a few of the bird species that may be spotted when carrying out bird watching safari.

Photograph taking in Tsavo East.

The captivating landscape of Tsavo East gives the greatest locations for snapping pictures with animals and birds in the background, making it a more enjoyable and alluring safari activity to do in the park.

Camping safari in Tsavo East. 

The park provides the best camping locations for visitors on camping safaris, allowing them to spend the night in the wild among the local species and natural surroundings.

How to get to Tsavo East National Park. 

There are two ways to go to Tsavo East National Park that is by road or by air

By road, a road drive from Nairobi takes about 233 km drive to access Mtito Andei gate which is situated in the southern part of Nairobi. While the distance by road from Mombasa to the Mtito Andei gate, which leads to the Tsavo West National Park, is 250 kilometres.

From Mombasa, tourist can also use Voi gate which is about 153km.

The park can also be accessed from malindi by travelers who use the western road and finally access Tsavo east national park through Sala gate.

By air: Tsavo east national park has airstrips through which tourists can take a flights and access the park. These include the following: the Sala Airstrip, the Voi Airstrip, the Buchuma Airstrip, the Satao Airstrip, the Sangaya Airstrip, the Aruba Airstrip, the Ithumba Airstrip, and the Mopeo Airstrip.

Where to stay in Tsavo East National Park.

Accommodations in Tsavo East National Park are categorized into budget, mid-range and the luxury options that includes; Kilalinda safari camp, Kulalu tented camp, Voi wildlife lodge, Satao tented camps, Ithumba tented camps, Ashnil Aruba lodge, Ngutuni lodge, Impala safari lodge, Voi safari lodge, Manyatta tented camp, Leopard lodge, Red Elephant safari lodge among others.

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