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Mount Rwenzori National Park

Mount Rwenzori National Park is a popular hiking spot in the south-western part of Uganda. It is close to Virunga National Park. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is right next to it. The park is in the areas of Bundibugyo, Kasese, and Kabarole. It is about 386 square kilometers in size. Mount Rwenzori National Park is known for its beautiful natural beauty, as there are rivers, lakes, waterfalls, unique plants, glaciers, mountains, and more to see when you go there on a safari. Most people call Mount Rwenzori National Park the “mountain of the moon” which sounds strange and is the main reason most tourists come to the area.

Attractions in Mount Rwenzori National Park. 


There are over 70 different kinds of mammals in Mount Rwenzori National Park. Some of them are only found in the Albertine Rift. Mount Rwenzori National Park is home to elephants, Rwenzori otters, lions, and other animals. Also, the park is a safe place for many primate species, such as blue and black-and-white colobus monkeys, bushbucks, and a wide range of snakes.


Mount Rwenzori National Park is different from other safari spots because it has a really nice environment with a wide range of beautiful plants. Most of the park’s plants can be seen, especially on a hiking tour through tree heathers, montane forest, Afro-alpine, and bamboo. One of the most unique plant communities in the world, the afro-alpine, is only found above 3800 metres in the East African Mountains. It is made up of big Senecio and Lobelia plants that are easy to spot.

Bird Species.

Mount Rwenzori National Park is a famous place for birding safaris. There are about 217 different bird species there, and 17 of them are native to the Albertine Rift. Rwenzori is a great place to see birds. Mount Rwenzori National Park is home to many different kinds of birds, including the Slender-billed starling, Rwenzori Batis, Boubou, Long-eared Owl, Rwenzori Turaco, Odd Weaver, Apalises, Flycatchers, Crimson wings, and Greenbuls.

Activities to do In Mount Rwenzori National Park. 

Mountain Climbing. 

Rwenzori Mountain National Park is home to Margarita, the third-highest peak in all of Africa. Mountain climbing is a great and popular safari sport there. Seven days are needed to reach the top. People do enjoy mountain climbing safaris in the park, which has some of the most beautiful trails that lead to the top of the mountain. There are many routes with great places to see, such as glacial lakes, beautiful mountain passes, green valleys, breathtaking views, and more.

Hiking and nature walks.

Mount Rwenzori National Park is the best place to go on a safari. There, people can see the natural beauty of the mountain and learn about the park’s hidden treasures. With the help of a knowledgeable safari guide, who took you to the best trails and showed you amazing sights like the Buraro chimp forest, Lake Muhooma, and others.

Mount Rwenzori National Park
Hiking and nature walks

Tourists also use the simple trails that go from Kichamhe to Karangura Ridge.

During nature treks in the Mount Rwenzori National Park, you’ll come across the towns of Ruboni and Turaco, which offer organized forest walks of different lengths outside the park. Also, you can explore River Mubuku while getting a glimpse of Mount Baker and the gateway peaks from one of the nature walks. In addition to squirrels, Vervet monkeys, chameleons, and many types of birds, you may also catch a look of the snow-covered Margherita peak.

Cultural Experience. 

People who go on safari to Mount Rwenzori National Park love to take part in the culture experience. The most interesting one will be when tourists and their knowledgeable safari guides go through the Rwenzori foothills to meet the people of Bakozo in their homes. Here, people can see a lively dance show with lively drumming, meet a blacksmith and a basket weaver, listen to great stories, learn how to make their own food, and more.

Bird Watching.

Bird lovers who go to the Mount Rwenzori National Park enjoy a wonderful birdwatching safari to see over 217 different bird types that live there. Tourists enjoy seeing rare bird species like Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo, Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, Strange weaver, Archer’s Robin-chat, Rwenzori Batis, Montane Sooty Boubou, Lagden’s Bush Shrinke, Golden-winged Sunbird, Apalises, Robins, Sunbirds, Rwenzori Turacos, Evergreen Forest, Long-Eared Owls, Red-Throated Alethes, Stripe-breasted Tits, Illadopsis, Handsome Francolins, Bearded Vultures, Olive-back and White-starred Robins, and others.

Wildlife Viewing.

Mount Rwenzori National Park is a great place to go on a tour and see lots of different animals. Visitors to the park can see a beautiful view of the environment, which has many trees and rare plants. The park gets sun, gets rain, and has low temperatures, all of which help rare plants grow. The open grassland at the edge of the mountain is home to the Rwenzori colobus, L’hoest’s, rock hydrax, leopards, Rwenzori otter, blue monkey, golden cats, blue monkey, forest elephant, red duiker, Rwenzori colobus, and other animals including the bird species.

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