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Malindi Marine National Reserve

 Malindi Marine National Reserve in Kenya is one of the most well-known marine national parks in the country. It is situated along the northern coast of Kenya, 118 kilometres north of Mombasa, along the Indian Ocean. Malindi Marine National Reserve and the Watamu National Park were jointly constituted as one park in 1968, making the reserve one of Kenya’s first marine parks.

Sand beaches, lagoons, coral reefs, coral gardens, coral cliffs, and Mida Creek Mangrove Forest are all parts of the mystic marine wonderland known as the Malindi Marine National Reserve. If you’re seeking for large game, Malindi Marine National Reserve is not one of the Kenya wildlife safari locations to visit; but, if you’re interested in marine life and water sports, you should add the reserve to your list.

Mida Creek Forest, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve next to Malindi Marine National Reserve, is a notable feature of the region because it is home to over 450 different species of birds, including smaller sand plover, Black Kite, curlew sandpiper, Speckled Mousebird, sanderling, Roseate, Bridled Terns, Yellow canary, Black kite, lizard Buzzard and among others.

The enormous population of turtles in the Watamu region is the most incredible animal to keep an eye out for while on a Kenya tour. Watamu Marine National Reserve runs a closely watched turtle watch programme that helps to ensure that the main beach remains a nesting site for the sea turtles, an endangered species. Among the turtle species that nest at the shore and in Malindi Marine National Reserve are the uncommon Olive Ridley, Hawksbill, and Green turtles.

One of the region’s top attractions is the coral garden at Malindi Watamu, which starts about 300 metres from the Indian Ocean’s shore. More than 150 types of hard and soft coral, including sponges, fan corals, and corals, may be found in the coral reefs, which provide food for the marine life in Malindi Marine National Reserve and other nearby locations. Over 600 different kinds of fish, crabs, and mollusks can be found in the corals.

There are almost 1000 different types of fish in Malindi Marine National Reserve, along with whale sharks, octopus, and barracuda.  The greatest time to view these species is while snorkeling and scuba diving on the reef in the late afternoon when there are spectacular sights, sounds, and colors.

Note: snorkelers and divers are advised not to disturb any marine life.

The abundance of green turtles and the beautiful green gardens, which are ideal for those who want to dive in and explore below the water’s surface, are the attractions of Malindi Marine National Reserve.

Activities to do in Malindi Marine National Reserve.

Malindi Marine national reserve is an exciting Kenya safari destination for tourists who love the ocean and marine life. The reserve offers a variety of water sports, including diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, and water skiing. Visitors who would rather stay on land can enjoy a glass-bottom boat trip for breathtaking views of the corals and aquatic life.

Malindi/Watamu offers interesting water sports like windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing, and diving that you might not typically connect with a safari vacation. Those who would rather stay on dry land can enjoy breathtaking views of the coral and its inhabitants by riding in a glass-bottom boat.

Scuba diving.

One of the exciting things to do when visiting Malindi Marine National Park on a safari is scuba diving. The reserve’s dive sites are located 15 minutes offshore in the Indian Ocean. Scuba diving provides the chance to explore the bottom of the Indian Ocean, take in the sights of numerous rare plant species, and observe marine life, including starfish, octopus, dolphins, jellyfish, and zebra fish, among others.

Visiting the magical islands.

You will have the chance to see and explore the incredibly beautiful hidden islands of the Indian Ocean as part of your Kenya safari trip visit to Malindi Marine national reserve. As you visit the islands, you will participate in a guided nature walk experience as well.


Another exciting safari activity in Malindi Marine National Park is snorkeling. This activity gives you plenty of time and the chance to explore the ocean’s depths and discover a variety of marine life that lives there.

As you are going on a snorkeling experience, you will have to dress up in the right gears, take a boat ride to the point where you will dive into the waters.

Malindi Marine National Reserve
Malindi Marine National Reserve

Water activities.

While visiting Malindi Marine National Park, you can participate in a variety of water sports that are suitable for thrill-seekers. These include mirror boat ride and jet skiing and among others.

Getting to Malindi Marine National Reserve.

 One can travel to Malindi Marine National Reserve by road or by air. It is located in Malindi Wantumu, which is about 120 kilometres north of Mombasa and about 28 kilometres south of Malindi.

By road, one can reach the park by travelling along the major Mombasa-Malindi route, turning towards the Indian Ocean, and arriving at the park after about 11 km.

There are domestic flights available using aviation Malindi Town, the closest town to the Malindi Marine National Reserve, is located along a strip of popular tropical beaches that are ideal for travelers on a beach vacation. Wilson Airstrip in Nairobi connects to Malindi Town’s airport.

When to go to Malindi Marine National Reserve. 

Malindi Marine National Reserve enjoys excellent weather all year round, allowing visitors to come at any time of year. The reserve’s average annual temperature ranges from 22 to 34 degrees. However, the dry season, which is from June to September and January to March, is the optimum time to visit the area.

Rainy season occurs in Malindi National Reserve between April and June and October and December.

Where to stay at Malindi Marine National Reserve.

Though, there are limited accommodations in Malindi Marine national Reserve within reserve, the available accommodations ranges from Budget, Midrange to Luxury lodges. Including Temple Point Medina palms, Garoda A Rocha Eco-Lodge, Conservation Centre Villas, Watamu Lily Palm Resort, Watamu Solana Apartments, Hotel Crystal Bay Resort and among others.

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