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Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is a popular place and known as a small safari destination. It is known for its variety of animal species, including lions, antelopes, zebras, impalas, eland, buffalos, deffasa water buck, hyenas, leopards, and a lot of other animals. There are also a lot of bird species. In 1933, the Lake Mburo national park opened as a place for shooting. In 1963, it became a game reserve. In 1983, it was made a national park to better protect the wide range of animal and bird species that live there. The park is in the western part of Uganda. It is in the Kiruhura district of the Nyabushozi country.

Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park. 

Lake Mburo.

Lake Mburo is a unique place for both plants and animals to live. Many bird and animal species live there, and crocodiles and hippos come to drink the water, especially during the dry season. A lot of bird species like African Fish Eagles, Pied Kingfishers, Blue-headed weavers, herons, Cormorants, Hammerkops, Green-necked Doves, and others like to hang out at the lake.

Rubanga Forest. 

Rubanga forest is on the western side of Lake Mburo. It gives visitors a great taste of a tropical high forest with a closed canopy and different viewing areas for different kinds of visitors. In the forest, you can find birds like the Narina, African pied wagtail, Black kite, the Trogon, Crested guineafowl, Olive-breasted greenbul, the Harrier Hawk, the Double-toothed Barbet, and many more. The forest can be seen with the help of a field guide on a safari.

Game Tracks.

On the eastern edge of Lake Mburo National Park, there are a number of trails where you can see a wide range of animal and bird types. From the tops of hills, you can get a great view of the park and its five lakes.

Rwonyo Rest Camp.

Rwonyo, which is a famous tourist spot on Lake Mburo safari, is where most of the park’s tourism operations are based. The camp is where nature walks, bike rides, game drives, and forest walks begin. At the same station, there is a small shop that sells handicrafts, books, and many other things.

Activities to do In Lake Mburo National Park. 

Game Drives.

In Lake Mburo National Park, there are about 68 different kinds of animals. Game drives in open-roof 4WD safari vehicles with experienced safari guides who know all about the park’s animals are the best way for visitors to get around the park. There are three different times to go on game drives in the park that includes in the morning, late afternoon, or at night. On game drives, tourists can see animals like zebras, buffalo, impalas, Defessa waterbucks, elands, hyenas, reedbuck, jackals, and serval cats. They can also see birds like the Africa scops owl, African finfoot, Brown-chested lapwing, Hairy-breasted barbet, Blue-breasted Kingfisher, Yellow-rumped tinker bird, Mosque swallow, and others.

During game drives, visitors can see hippos, crocodiles, and many other animals, like elephants, drinking water near Lake Mburo and other large fields in the savannah.

Horseback Riding Safaris.

 Mihingo Lodge is a well-known lodge in Lake Mburo National Park that offers individual horseback riding safaris. When riding horses, tourists can get up close to many different kinds of animals, like zebras and impalas. The safari action can happen because there are professionals and a park ranger there. The activities in the park could be done in a few hours, and each visitor can choose how long he wants to spend looking at the park’s secret gems and riding a horse to see the exciting safari scenes.

Lake Mburo National Park
Horseback Riding Safaris

Fishing Safaris.

Lake Mburo National Park has the best fishing spots in Uganda. People can go on fishing tours there and catch more than six different kinds of fish, like tilapia, catfish, and tiger fish. Mazinga is a place where people like to go swimming. People should bring their own gear and get clearance from the Uganda Wildlife Authority before going there.

Boat Cruise.

In Lake Mburo National Park, most of the best outdoor activities take place in the park. Here, people can take a boat cruise surrounded by beautiful wildlife, such as different kinds of birds. When you take a boat ride around a lake, you might see hippos, alligators, and other animals like elephants, zebras, and buffaloes. During the adventure trip, you might see water birds like the African fish eagle, the rare African finfoot, hammerkops, Egptian goose, cormorants, herons, and many others.

Community Walks.

With the help of park guides, people on safari at Lake Mburo National Park can go on community walks to meet locals like the Bahima people. Listening to and watching these people’s traditional music and dancing is a good way to learn about their culture. Learning how to make ghee and other amazing things is a great thing to do on this safari.

Bird Watching.

With the help of a bird guide who tells you about the different kinds of birds, bird watching at Lake Mburo National Park is a fun and interesting outdoor safari activity that lets people see the colorful birds that live there and over 315 bird species. Birds like the Tabora cisticola, Yellow-rumped tinker bird, shoebill stork, White-winged swamp warbler, Carruther’s cisticola, and Southern ground hornbill can be seen in the park and among others.

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