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Kigali City Tour

Kigali city tour is a unique way of travelling that allows visitors to experience the lovely, orderly city while also learning more about it. As the largest city in Rwanda and the “land of a thousand hills,” Kigali offers visitors a variety of safari activities, including Rwanda golden monkey trekking, gorilla trekking safaris in Volcanoes National Park, game drives in Akagera National Park, and chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park, among others, for those who are interested in experiencing the outdoors and learning about the natural world.

Rwanda offers a variety of tours that can be taken throughout the nation, including gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey trekking, Rwanda genocide tours, and the Kigali city tour, which introduces visitors to the local culture, art, and various attractions as well as offers an endless supply of opportunities to spot the country’s distinctive safari locations. The most alluring safari locations that you can visit while on a tour in Kigali are presented in this post.

Being the capital of Rwanda, Kigali offers a wide variety of appealing restaurants, hotels, and cafes for tourists to visit. Additionally, tourists take pleasure in visiting the lovely marketplaces that are spread across the city and may sell exquisite handcrafts that may be bought as souvenirs of their safari.

Kigali city tour attractions 

Kigali Memorial Museum. 

One of the top safari locations to visit while on a Kigali city tour is the Kigali Memorial Museum. The museum tells you what happened during the 1994 Rwandan genocide and explains it to you. You can take a Rwanda genocide tour while taking a Kigali city tour, during which you can view the city’s many memorials to the genocide. There are several sections where you can observe a number of people who died during the genocide period and read the victims’ and injured people’s moving testimonies, which restores faith in humanity.

The King’s palace.

Visitors to Kigali city tours can learn more about the pre-modern culture of the Rwandan people as they visit the King’s Palace, which offers a view of the residence of the country’s final king, King Musinga Yuhi V. The palace boasts remarkable and alluring architectural designs made of cow dung and grass roofs. During the Kigali city tours, you may view a variety of interesting things, such as hoes for digging, as well as other local goods that the locals used to carry out their everyday tasks. You can also witness how the local medicine was made.

Kigali City Tour
The King’s palace

Presidential Palace/museum. 

On a Kigali city tour, visitors can also explore and visit the Presidential palace. The history of the Rwandan genocide begins in the presidential palace; this should not be missed on a tour of Kigali. There, tourists have the chance to see the remains of the Hutu president of Rwanda, Juvenile Habyarimana, whose plane is thought to have been attacked by a Tutsi rebel, sparking the start of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. While on the tour, you get to observe how the president lived while your experienced guide explains all the circumstances that contributed to the political conflict in the nation.

Inema crafts center. 

When taking a city tour of Kigali, you can also stop by the Inema crafts centre, where you can see a variety of paints made from plant and animal components. The variety of paints are amazing, and you can experience it while doing a city tour of Kigali. At the centre, you can take a variety of lessons that teach you how to mix various plant-based paint hues, and among other things. At the conclusion of the safari, you can also buy a souvenir for a reasonable price.

Nyamata church.

The Nyamata Church is best seen during a sightseeing tour of Kigali. The church is only a short distance from Kigali. The church is a significant historical monument in Rwanda and was the location of a bombing of the rebel forces during the 1994 genocide. It is an exciting safari location to visit while taking a tour of Kigali.

Kimironko market.

 The best thing to do on a city tour in Kigali is to visit Kimironko Market, as this is where visitors can see all of the market’s variations, including its food, clothing, and other goods. You may find various patterns from West African nations here in Kigali, including the attractive fruits, clothing, and more.

Nyamirambo Muslim quarter tour. 

On Kigali city tour you will explore Nyamirambo Muslim quarter tour, visitors may get a real sense of the city. Here, they can take in the endlessly vivid Muslim quarter. While on the tour, visitors can also take in the Muslim culture that has influenced the locals, particularly in terms of clothing regulations, the discovery of Arabian spices, and many other things. If you’re lucky, while on your tour of Kigali, the Muslim quarter women may invite you to their houses and teach you how to prepare Rwandan cuisine. This is a beautiful safari experience that will leave you with lifelong memories of safari.

 Tourists love the most entertaining locations at night, such as bars and restaurants, where they can experience a variety of Rwandan dishes that day of Kigali city tour.

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