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4 Days Mount Kenya Hike

Mount Kenya

4 days Mount Kenya hike is a thrills which will take place on Mount Kenya for a period of 4 days starting and ending in Nairobi. Hiking to the summit, also known as Lenana Peak, will take place along the breathtaking Sirimon path. This four-day walk will take place close to Nanyuki on the northwest slope of Mount Kenya.


Day 1: pick up and drive to Nanyuki and hike to Old Moses camp (3300 m).

Hiking time; 3 to 4 hours.

On the 1st day of 4 days Mount Kenya hike safari. Your guide will welcome you from Nairobi and drive you to Nanyuki. After greeting the porters, you will arrive at Sirimon Gate. You will walk to Old Moses Camp, where you will spend the night, from Sirimon Gate.

Day 2: Old Moses camp (3300 m) to Shipton camp (4200 m).

Hiking time; 6 to 7 hours.

On the 2nd day of 4 days Mount Kenya hike safari. Get up in the morning and take breakfast. After having breakfast, you will hike through moorland from Old Moses camp to Shipton camp. On the route, you will also have lunch, and you will spend the night in Shipton Camp, which is located just beneath the peaks of Batian, Nelion, and Lenana.


Day 3: Shipton camp to Lenana peak and back to Old Moses camp.

On the 3rd day of 4 days Mount Kenya hike safari. You will rise early on this day in order to begin your ascent effort. It will take you two to three hours to climb to the top of Lenana. On your journey to Lenana Peak, where you may enjoy snapping pictures, you will travel through rocky terrain and steep scree to reach Simba Cole and Mintos Hut. After stopping for lunch, you’ll continue on to the crest with views of Lake Michaelson and the gorge valley. You will go back to the camp of Old Moses, where you will camp for the night.

Day 4: descent and drive to Nairobi.

Hiking time; 2 hours

On the 4th day of 4 days Mount Kenya hike safari. You will descend from Old Moses to the Mount Kenya bandas after eating breakfast at your accommodation. There are wildlife species can be seen along the way on this two-hour walk. Your guide will meet you at the Bandas and take you to Nairobi, where your four-day walk up Mount Kenya will come to an end.