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3 Day Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Safari

Mount Nyiragongo

The 3-Day Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Safari offers an exhilarating adventure for visitors keen on trekking to the peak of Mount Nyiragongo during a Congo safari in Virunga National Park. Lasting only three days and two nights, this safari can also commence and conclude in Kisoro, Uganda, starting from Kigali, Rwanda. Advance reservation of the Nyiragongo trekking permit is necessary, a service often provided to clients by the safari organizers. Mount Nyiragongo is among the eight volcanoes shared by Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This budget-friendly safari promises a gratifying experience with one night spent at the mountain’s peak, situated at 3,470 meters above sea level.


Day 1: Pick up from Kigali and transfer to Virunga national park.

 On the first day of 3 Days Mount Nyiragongo Hike Congo Safari. Depending on where you are in Kigali, Rwanda, our experienced company safari driver/guide will meet you on the first day of your 3 Day Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Safari and give you a briefing about it before you leave for Goma via Gisenyi, which is a Rwanda Congo Crossing Border point. You will be cleared while in Gisenyi. Please remember to reapply for a Rwanda visa because you will require it when travelling from Rwanda to Congo. After that, you will pass through Grande Barrier and enter Goma where you will have lunch en route. After getting your Mount Nyiragongo hiking permit, proceed to your lodge, which can be either Bukima Tented Camp (budget), Kibumba Tented Camp (mid-range), or Mikeno Lodge (luxury), where you will have dinner and spend the night.

Day 2: Transfer to Kibati & Hike Mount Nyiragongo (ascend).

 On the second day of 3 Days Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Safari. Wake up early in the morning, will begin the morning with breakfast at your lodge, a lunch box provided by the lodge will be offered to you, and in your appropriate hiking clothes. Then, set off on a drive to Kibati ranger post where other hikers will all converge ready for an orientation by the knowledgeable rangers. You learn more about Mount Nyiragongo, its formation, when it last erupted, and many other things during the briefing. After the briefing, you will begin your ascent into the forest, where you will see a variety of wildlife and flora species, including monkeys, animals, birdlife, and a wide variety of tree types.

The walk is split into 4 segments, therefore you must all move together under the rangers’ protection while on the first three segments. En route, you’ll savour your picnic lunch before continuing your ascent. Since hikers can proceed anyway they like throughout the fourth stage, those who are quick can get to the peak quickly while others who are slower will proceed more slowly until they do. Hikers are rewarded with unique and breathtaking views of a variety of sites, including the nearby volcanoes, parks, and more, after they reach the summit. Dinner will be served to you from top of the summit, while enjoying the gorgeous boiling red lava that is such incredible.

Day 3: Descend Mount Nyiragongo and transfer back to Goma.

On the third day, the last day of your 3 Day Mount Nyiragongo Hiking Safari, finish your breakfast by 5:30am, check out and start descending back to Kibati with the other hikers. From there, you’ll join your safari guide to be transported back to Goma. After that, you will enter into Rwanda at Gisenyi and continue on to Kigali.