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Uganda Gorilla Safari

Uganda Gorilla Safari is a Ugandan safari that was created to give tourists to go up close and personal with Mountain Gorillas in their natural environment. Gorilla trekking or gorilla habituation safaris are two types of gorilla safaris available in Uganda. In a gorilla trekking experience, a party of eight people will visit the gorillas and spend an hour with them; in a gorilla habituation experience, a group of four people will see the gorillas and have four hours to spend with them.

When it comes to wildlife, Uganda gorilla safari is the top of the country’s tourism offering. Over 13 different species of primates may be found in Uganda, often referred to as the “pearl of Africa.” Nearly half of the country’s mountain gorillas can be found in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. A safari to Uganda that does not include a visit to these secluded, gentle gorillas is considered incomplete. There are two distant national parks in the southwest of Uganda where gorilla trekking safari takes place.

There are around 23 completely habituated gorilla families in Uganda that are open to tourists, with two reserved for gorilla research and acclimatization. For gorilla trekking, 152 gorilla permits are sold daily in total. There are five areas where gorilla trekking is conducted: one in Mgahinga National Park and four in Bwindi. Rushaga, Nkuringo, Buhoma, and Ruhija are the four impenetrable forest sectors in Bwindi, and Ntebeko sector is the name of the one in Mgahinga.

Anyone who wishes to go on a gorilla safari in Uganda must first obtain a gorilla permit. In high season, two to three months in ahead of travel, or one month early in low season, is required to secure a gorilla permit. Currently, the gorilla permits are 800USD per person for non-foreign residents, 700 USD for foreign residents and 300,000 UGX for East Africa citizens. There are certain regulations which gives one qualifications to trek the Gorillas in Uganda like: One must be 15 and above years old, valid passport and others. One may get the gorilla trekking permit directly from Uganda wildlife Authority online or directly in their offices in Kampala if already in Uganda or use reputable tour operators like Primate Holidays who give full Uganda gorilla safari packages that include the Gorilla permit.

The only other country in the world where a single park is home to more than two primates is Uganda. For example, Kibale Forest National Park is home to over thirteen primates, while Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is home to over three, including mountain gorillas who coexist with chimpanzees, and Mgahinga National Park is home to both gorillas and golden monkeys. By enticing more than one animal throughout your safari, your Uganda gorilla safari will accomplish two goals at once.

Best time to do Uganda gorilla safari.

When guests are making travel plans to any destination, this is one of the main queries they have. Proper timing increases the likelihood of a positive encounter and the realization of one’s dreams. Birdwatchers prefer going during the rainy season when the birds are nestling, but for other wildlife safaris, such as the big five game, good weather scheduling allows you to see the list checked off. The gorilla safari in Uganda is distinct from the others in that it is available all year round. Because of the rain forests and the apes’ high altitude accommodations deep into the forest, the climate is essentially constant all year long.

Though best times to go on a gorilla safari in Uganda are during the dry months when there is less chance of rain. The trek up is easy because it is not very steep. In contrast to the wet season, when the gorillas occasionally build nests on trees and come down late, during the dry season the gorillas come out early and fall asleep late because they like to explore the forest. The finest months are again from June to October, and then again from December to early March. Uganda experiences two distinct rainy seasons: a brief but intense one in November and one in the early months of the year, from March to May.

What if I fail to see gorillas what happens?

When tourists see the cost of a gorilla permit, this is one of the most frequent thoughts that cross their minds. Although the price seems expensive, the experience of going on a gorilla trek is not even worth it. Due to their greater vulnerability than even humans, gorillas require constant support, which makes their conservation efforts exceedingly expensive.

Uganda Gorilla Safari

The most exciting part of your Uganda gorilla safari is going on a gorilla trek, when there is a 99% chance of sighting gorillas. Actually, no incidences of people going missing to view the gorillas with us have been reported. But nature is what it is. The Uganda Wildlife Authority has made it plain that if a group does not encounter gorillas while on a hike, the game ranger will record the sighting and the guests will be granted another opportunity to trek the gorillas at no additional expense. However, the Authority is not accountable if you are to blame for the failure due to an illness, allergy, or other personal reason. The tour operator has an obligation to provide you with advice as you get ready for your gorilla safari in Uganda so that you bring the appropriate gear and packing list.

Can I do gorilla habituation during my Uganda gorilla safari?

You certainly can, in fact. One of the most enjoyable and secretive gorilla experiences is the gorilla habituation experience, which is only available for mountain gorillas in Uganda and lowland gorillas in the Congo. A maximum of 4 hours can be spent with the gorillas after viewing them, with only 4 persons permitted to undergo gorilla habituation. Researchers and filmmakers that wish to create a comprehensive documentary on the way of life of mountain gorillas typically carry out this work. This event is limited to Rushaga and is conducted with two separate gorilla families to allow for gorilla acclimatization. To obtain one of the eight daily permits that are available, one must make reservations more than two months in advance, at a cost of $1,500 each permit.

If you are considering visiting Uganda to take in the breathtaking splendour of the Pearl of Africa, the gorilla safari is a remarkable and must-do experience.

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