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Top safari activities in Selous Game Reserve

Top safari activities in Selous Game Reserve : Evidently are various safari activities to do in Selous Game Reserve that travelers who visit Tanzania on Tanzania safaris / Tanzania safari tours / Tanzania tours can do. These are the top safari activities to do in Selous Game Reserve that visitors can do at any time of year while on a safari there. Selous Game Reserve whose new designation is Nyerere National Park, re-named in revere of the first president of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

The southern section of Tanzania is home to Selous Game Reserve, also known as Nyerere National Park. It is a popular destination for Tanzanian safari tourists, ranking second only to the northern circuit. 54,600 square km Selous Game Reserve is home to a variety of flora, topography, animals, and other wildlife that visitors may come across while on a safari within the reserve. The 1922 establishment of the Selous Game Reserve led to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.

Selous Game Reserve offers a wide range of safari activities because it has so much to offer. The top safari activities to do in Selous Game Reserve that you shouldn’t miss when on a safari in Nyerere National Park are listed below;

Stunning Game Drives.

Owing to the park’s size, game drives are among the most popular and frequently undertaken safari activities in Selous Game Reserve. The game drives in Selous game Reserve, you get to explore a significant amount of nature and observing an array of wildlife in Selous Game Reserve such as among others giraffes, zebras, rhinos, elephants, buffalos, and lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, the rare African Wild Dogs, and hippos.

The best and most satisfying game drives are in the early morning and late afternoon when the animals are not sheltering from the scorching sun. You can spend more time exploring the wide plains of the Selous Game Reserve by choosing one of the park’s full-day game drive options. The most enjoyable game drives are along the Rufiji River’s banks and the edges of the several lakes of the Selous Game Reserve, where a variety of animals congregate to drink or swim. The greatest times to go on game drives in Selous Game Reserve are from June to October.

Guided Walking Safaris.

For two to three hours, guided walking safaris in Selous Game Reserve allow visitors to get up close and personal with the environment and wildlife. Ranger guides, who are armed and knowledgeable about the park, accompany guided walking safaris. The finest months to go on guided walking safaris are January and February, as well as the months of June through October during the dry season. Get to observe numerous creatures in Selous Game Reserve close at hand like wildebeests, giraffes, elephants and so many others; as well as spectacular views of the vegetation and landscape of Selous Game Reserve.

Top safari activities in Selous Game Reserve
Top safari activities in Selous Game Reserve

Boat Safaris.

Travellers paddling on the various lakes and rivers within Selous Game Reserve participate in boat safaris, a distinctive Tanzanian safari experience. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the park and animals along the shoreline while going on a boat safari on the River Rufiji, Lake Mzizimia, Lake Siwandu, Lake Manze, Lake Tagalala, and Lake Nzelekela in the Selous Game Reserve. Keep an eye out for aquatic animals such as African Fish Eagles, crocodiles, and hippos, among many others.

Bird Watching.

Selous Game Reserve is home to over 400 different bird species, making it one of Tanzania’s top birding sites. Selous Game Reserve is home to common and endemic bird species as well as migratory birds. Green-capped Eremomela, Spotted-Flanked Barbet, Red Billed Bulbul, Red-winged Warbler, Mangrove Kingfishers, African Skimmers, Grey-hooded Kingfisher, Livingstone’s Flycatcher, Arnot’s Chat, Red-throated Twinspot, Layard’s Black-headed weaver, and Black Cuckoo-shrike are a few of the birds in the Selous Game Reserve to keep an eye out for.

While on a safari at Selous Game Reserve, visitors can partake in the top safari activities listed above. Other  safari activities valuable embarking on include sport fishing, cultural tours in Mloka village, hunting in Selous Game Reserve all that travelers can incorporate in their Selous Game Reserve safari itinerary.

To plan an incredible Selous Game Reserve safari and take part in the top safari activities in Selous Game Reserve, among many more, get in contact with a reliable tour operator like Primate Safaris.

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