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Apoka safari lodge

Apoka Safari Lodge is the best safari lodge in northeastern Uganda is Kidepo. The lodge is a great choice for tourists seeking an undiscovered safari in an area of Uganda with a wealth of wildlife. Primate Holidays highly recommends this really luxury lodge.

Situated in the breathtaking Kidepo National Park lies Apoka Safari Lodge. Buffalo, elephants, and lions can all be spotted regularly in this secluded and rather unknown Uganda safari area. This park need to be really high on your list, especially if you’re an experienced safari visitor.

You need look no further than Kidepo if you have ever been overwhelmed by the bustle of several well-known game parks and have considered spending time in a secluded, less well-known reserve with an abundance of wildlife. It also works well with gorilla trekking in Bwindi, where you can choose to stay at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, the sister camp of Apoka Safari Lodge.

Access and location.

The isolated northeastern region of Uganda, which borders South Sudan, is home to the Kidepo Valley National Park, which is where Apoka Safari Lodge is situated.

The park has been recognized as one of Africa’s finest wilderness areas, including savannahs and grasslands that stretch in all directions, leading to far-off mountain ranges in South Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda. Entebbe is the nearest international airport to Apoka Safari Lodge.

Travelling by road from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, takes approximately 10 to 12 hours. Nonetheless, scheduled and charter flights are also offered. The flight to Apoka takes about two hours on average, and the lodge is only a short distance from the airfield.

The setting of Apoka Safari Lodge in Kidepo is breathtaking. Perched atop a kopje, the location commands a commanding view of the Narus River Valley, home to numerous herds of buffalo and other uncommon species including zebras, giraffes, and hartebeests.

Accommodation at Apoka Safari Lodge Kidepo;

Guest accommodation at Apoka Safari Lodge consists of ten cottages.

All cottages are located a kopje.

They offer yet offer fabulous vistas of the valley, the plains, or the surrounding mountains.

Six cottages contain a double bed and four have twin beds.

Extra beds may be added for children aged 5–12 years.

Like the lodge, each cottage is tastefully built from stone, wood, and thatch to blend in with the surroundings.

Beautiful rooms, Mosquito nets, nightstands with lights, cosy carpets, and lots of storage are among the interior characteristics.

A flush toilet, sinks, and a shower with hot and cold running water are all included in the en suite amenities.

A bathtub that is carved out of the rocks is located on the private veranda outside.

You can take pleasure in taking a bath while taking in the surrounding fauna.

There is an open-plan dining space, bar and lounge inside the common area. It has coffee tables, patterned carpets, cosy couches and armchairs, and a huge table where everyone is welcome to eat together.

The swimming pool on the property is not far from the lodge.

The large rock has been chiselled down to reveal a cool, deep swimming pool. It’s ideal for unwinding in between activities on your safari in Uganda in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Note: Please be aware that the swimming pool here has no depth markings or ‘No Diving’ signs, so take care before you jump in.

Apoka safari lodge
Apoka safari lodge

Activities at Apoka Safari Lodge Kidepo Apoka provides a fine collection of activities to do in Kidepo National Park including:

Animal Watching Via Game Drives.

Since the park’s wildlife congregates here for much of the year, game drives are primarily conducted along the Narus Valley.

Game Walks.

At any time of day, tourists can enjoy game walks at Apoka Safari Camp, another property in Kidepo National Park, where they can see a variety of species, including warthogs, buffalo, zebras, elephants, and reedbuck.

Long pathways and circuits are also available for early morning walks for those who like to take in the stunning environment and up-close views of various animals.

Bird Watching.

In Kidepo Valley National Park, avid birdwatchers can spot over 475 different bird species, including the Common ostrich, Kori bustard, red-and-yellow barbet, and small bee-eater. Some of the park’s most notable species are the pygmy falcon, white-eyed kestrel, golden pipit, and rose-ringed parakeet.

Karamajongo Community Visits.

You will like going on a cultural excursion to a nearby Karamojong village if you are a culture vulture.

The majority population living in the Karamoja region, which borders the Kidepo Valley National Park, is the Karamajong tribe. They are among the most isolated people in Uganda, having rejected modernity. Kidepo’s wilderness and the Karamajong culture and way of life are both untouched.

Go on a tour to discover more about their distinctive cultures, traditional Manyatta homes and how they are built up as homesteads, traditional dances, and traditional handicrafts like spears, stools, and beaded bungles.

Climbing Mount Morungole and visit the IK tribe.

Hiking is a popular pastime that leads to the IK people on Morungole Mountain. The magnificent Morungole expedition will introduce you to a range of IK dances, their way of life, their distinctive settlements, and their unique migratory history. It entails a day’s walk through different foliage and mountainous terrain with breathtaking views of Kidepo.

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